Learning Resources

The CBA Music Camp and the CBA Youth Programs are two ways that the CBA actively promotes bluegrass and old time music. Learn a little bit more about these programs here or go directly to their respective websites for all the details.

If you know of a young person who needs an instrument, checkout the Kids Lending Library. Sponsored by the CBA, the library has fiddles, guitars, mandolins, and more — even banjos! Kids love the program and so do parents. Check it out.

If you’re looking for ongoing help learning how to play an instrument or improve vocals, look no further. You’ll find a long list of music teachers and online resources for just about every bluegrass instrument and interest.

The best way to learn and have fun at the same time is to play this music with others! A few tips can go a long way in making you welcome in any jam. You’ll find them in our Rules for Jamming.

Most of all, have fun, make friends and play often!

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