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Our winner this month is Peter Thompson.  Check fourteen posts down for the original question  and four posts down for the hint.

The answer is Down Where the River Bends.  It was written by Jim Anglin for his brother's band (Johnny and Jack) but never recorded by them.  The Rocky Ridge Ramblers recorded it on '78 in the late fifties for Fonotone Records.  The song was reissued on CD for the Fonotone boxed set in 2005.  The Country Gentlemen absorbed the song in the fertile Bluegrass cauldron of D.C./northern Virginia and recorded it in the mid sixties.  The song made it to the bay area with Old And In The Way.

In his answer, Peter (ever the student of bluegrass history) pointed out several interesting connections to the song.  Kitty Wells was married to half of Johnny and Jack and Eddie Stubbs later played with them too.

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