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Saturday (Sept. 12th): Kathy Kallick & Friends concert!

Kathy Kallick celebrated her 66th birthday at the Freight & Salvage by playing a bunch of her songs, accompanied by band and recording mates. She titled the concert “My Route To 66,” and highlights from the event are being presented at part of the Freight At Home streaming series.

On Sat., Sept. 12th at 5:00 pm, you can go HERE to experience what the Freight audience did on Sept. 19, 2018. The video recording is by Irene Young and Tina Silano.

The song “Route 66” is, of course, the encore, but the show’s focus is on Kathy’s original compositions. She’s written close to 150 that have been released on her 21 albums with a variety of musicians accompanying her. Some of these are performed with the Kathy Kallick Band, but many others were in the repertoires of earlier bands and special projects, and this concert will blow the dust off some truly remarkable pieces that haven’t been heard in far too long. Kathy’s accompanying musicians include members of the Good Ol’ Persons, Little Big Band, solo projects, and earlier iterations of the Kathy Kallick Band.

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