Band Selection Process for The Fathers Day Festival

Adopted May, 2005
Revised Aug, 2016

Talent Advisory Group Chair 2019-2020
Mark Hogan


A committee of three people, hereafter referred to at the Talent Advisory Group, will bring to the full CBA board of directors recommendations for all bands to be hired at the annual Fathers' Day Festival, with the exception of the Emerging Artist Band, which will continue to be recommended by the IBMA Team. The full board of directors of the California Bluegrass Association will continue, as it has in the past, to make the final selection of all talent hired for the Fathers' Day Festival.

See Addendum for Vern’s Stage bands

Selection Criteria and Input

The Talent Advisory Group will consider a broad range of criteria and input in developing its recommendations, including but not limited to:

  • Direction, goals and priorities for the festival line-up reconfirmed each year by the full board of directors;
  • First hand observation of acts, most notably at the annual IBMA Trade Show and Fan Fest; Packets received throughout the year from bands throughout the U.S. and the world;
  • Any other input collection process considered of value by the Talent Advisory Group (e.g., a process similar to that used in the past to solicit first and second choice headliner line-ups from the board)

Main Stage Bands  — The Talent Advisory Group will bring to the full board its recommendation for headliner bands (formerly known as "specially featured" bands) as early as possible for the festival as early as possible.

California Showcase  — This is an opportunity for non-touring California bands to play the main stage at the CBA Grass Valley Fathers' Day Festival. Membership of the California Showcase Committee will be recommended to the board by the committee chairperson in September . The California Showcase Committee will meet no later than the weekend before the October board meeting.  The numeric results from the committee of CBA members will be presented to the Board at the October board meeting.  The board will make the final selection.  If a band submits to be a California Showcase Band and if at the same time is being considered by TAG to be a featured band, TAG decision takes precedence.  The five selected bands will play on the Main Stage and on the Pioneer Stage.

Emerging Artist  — The IBMA Liaison will bring to the full board the IBMA Team’s recommendation for Emerging Artist at the October meeting prior to the festival.

Talent Advisory Group Appointments  — The board will make Talent Advisory Group appointments when all bands for the following year have been signed.  Talent Advisory Group Membership Qualifications for sitting on the Talent Advisory Group are:

  • Ability to do the job
  • Demonstrated knowledge of bluegrass, old time and gospel music and the bands that play this music both nationally and regionally
  • Membership in the Association

One Talent Advisory Group member will rotate off the group each year; hence, after the first three years of the process, each Talent Advisory Group member will be appointed to a three-year term. (The order in which the first three members rotate off the group will be mutually determined by the members.)

Addendum - Vern's Stage

How to apply to Vern's Stage 2020

Application Deadline - November 1, 2019

To be eligible to play Vern’s Stage, bands must: (a) play bluegrass and/or old time music; (b) be California-based; and, (c) be non-touring outside the state. Also, if you have played Vern’s in the last two years (2018, 2019), then you are not eligible to play the stage again unless you’re a youth band—bands with a majority of members under the age of 18 are eligible in consecutive years.

The submission process will be open from September 1 to November 1, 2019. It will be slightly different from past years: bands will submit directly via a web form rather than by nomination of their CBA Area VPs (as has been the practice in the past). However, VPs will be invited to endorse up to 3 bands each from their areas. Be sure to invite your Area VP to one of your upcoming shows and impress them with your chops! You can find the list of CBA Area VPs at:

All submitting bands should be prepared to send 3 recorded sample songs/tunes from recent (i.e., within the last year) live performances or band practices in MP3 format, and optionally a recent live video recording as a YouTube or Dropbox (or similar) link. For complete details, please see:

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